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Nov. 1st, 2017

02WDF - im confuse

Mystery Guy

Can't remember almost any of it now. I remember the guy. It was I think I happy dream or a happy part of the dream. Anyway at the part I remember I felt happy, and it was pretty cool. The only part I remember is sleeping with a guy. And right now, his identity escapes me. It wasn't Durgin, and I'm pretty sure that it wasn't Nick K. But it felt like it could have been him? Basically it was an affair feeling fling. Felt exciting, and it felt like he was excited. I'm pretty sure it wasn't Nick K because in the dream he was buffer than any guy I've ever been with.

Oct. 28th, 2017

02WDF - im confuse

Cheating Dream

I was getting ready for I think Liz and Chris's wedding. I was skinnier and was going to wear leggings style pants to the wedding. For some reason we are staying at someone else's house, it feels like the house was on my mom's Street are on my mom's old Street. They have like a holding area that would have a step or two down from the front of the house but I may have also in the bedroom area? Anyway, I walked down there and saw Eric on top of a girl. He didn't seem embarrassed, he smiled and seems excited. This response was basically like, what, you can sleep with other people if you want to. I didn't want to, I couldn't really even want to talk to him, or see him anymore. If I didn't want to say goodbye. I don't know if it was before or after, I think it was after, while I was getting ready for the wedding I found a hamster? But it wasn't like a real animal hamster... It seems like a thick cookie cutter shape before it has been baked into a cookie. Don't really know where it came from, just wanted to love it and take care of it. Continue getting ready for the wedding, and I realize that leggings for stupid to wear to wedding. Also, I guess we were staying in other people's houses while they were gone hence the street being part of the setting. The people who lived in the house we either were at or were already at came back. I guess we have been just staying at people's houses on the street while they weren't there. One of the guys seemed like the guy on the street that I really really hate, but I guess he was nice or liked me in the dream. There was a mother and son and I think they were okay too. When they caught came back they seem to be unaware of the fact that we were staying there, so I kind of threw it in to remind them or see how they reacted. Based on the reaction they didn't know or didn't care because there was a boy on the street with a bicycle cause trouble for them somehow. So they seemed to be focused on that. I'm not 100% positive but I kind of remember thinking as long as he leaves the hamster alone I don't care what happens. Also had a kind of sad feeling about going to the wedding since Eric and I were definitely not going to be staying together.

Oct. 12th, 2017

02WDF - im confuse

Durgin Gun Dream

Wish I could remember more but at this point i cant. most of the dream had a dark and blue hue. Durgin was there and probably others, laura, my mum, eric, lallah, charles. Feel like it started in evening. i got to a place, maybe like disney, and durgin was there. i remember being outside in a rock or tree cul de sac, this one was huge, and this imagery has existed in my dreams before. he was nice to me which immediately sparked old feelings of liking him so much, but as always, I was unsure about his reciprocation. but being around him for those few moments overwhelmed me with that happiness i havent felt since him. And then it seem to strip itself away. Things became mildly weird to strikingly I'm uncomforting to pretty much terrible. First off, Charles was big. Still a year-and-a-half old but the size of maybe a nine-year-old. There were a bunch of other weird things that happen, but one of the weirdest ones was driving my car to a place that he might have been at and in the dream. It was like a natural obstacle course I was driving over cliffs, through water, all this kind of stuff scraping destroying my car to make it there. Reminds me of stuff I used to do and the way I used to drive my cars.

Sep. 29th, 2017

02WDF - im confuse

Back to school

There was another hurricane and I guess I had to evacuate or something, so I went to school. I was back in high school in this dream. The people at school were like vague acquaintences, people like Evan and Eli, but I had a ton of fun with them. There were some girls there but I didn't know either and they were fun too. Maybe Leslie Maybe Alyssa, don't know for sure. We were all chilling and smoking weed I guess for some reason to me got stuck staying there after the hurricane and there was no power in the building. It was still bright during the day because of all the windows but I remember there was no power. Anyway, we were smoking weed, when someone who I feel like wasn't a teacher but maybe more like an author, came to visit. There were people with her that I knew or had met or was going to meet....  after the storm is over and even though there was no power at the school, more people kept coming. There were more more people there showing up. Anyway this lady came and I guess I accidentally got caught smoking cigarettes inside accidentally as well. I can't remember if it was her or someone else but we were reprimanded for smoking weed. They said that just because the power was off didn't mean the camera was on. In hindsight it seems like one of those idle threats that the schools give out to the entire students. But, as most like real life, I didn't believe them and I was terrified that we were all going to get in trouble for smoking weed. I think it was either during or after that when Eric came and eddie too, I think Eric pulled my shirt up, and Eddie grabbed my chest.

02WDF - im confuse

Hurricane Dreams

Can't remember any others at the moment but I do remember one. It was Anna's birthday and we were going to Wiggins Pass. It had a weird theme park Bus Loop feel and it was night time. I was left to park the bus, it was gigantic, maybe as wide as three or four cars. And I had the feeling that everyone made me park the bus because they didn't want me to be there or to humiliate me or something. I can't remember any of the other dreams that I had when we had no power but I will keep thinking.

Sep. 5th, 2017

02WDF - im confuse

Back Yard Sex Dream

I remember being with Lallah and trying to get to moms house through the yard. Mom's house looks really similar to her neighbors so first we almost went into the wrong house because we didn't know which one was hers. In this dream Taylor's play friend was more similar to Kayla's boyfriend. He was like that preppy pussy kind of gangster. There was a really big bathroom. I guess this was her boyfriend's.  She found a flash drive in the bathroom and I guess she and I both assumed, or I assumed with her, that this meant that her boyfriend masturbated in the bathroom. The flash drive looked like a little guy like the one we got at Richie's wedding with arms and legs. Taylor said I still want to lose weight anywayTaylor said I still want to lose weight anyway or something along those lines. We proceeded to treat the little flash drive as if it was a voodoo doll and did some pretty or homoerotic things to it. There was a guy with us I can't remember if it was Eric or boyfriend, because I do feel like it was there but I don't think it was then. Anyway the guy that was with us at the it felt really weird and gay to do that to the flash drive.

Sep. 4th, 2017

02WDF - im confuse

Kat Race

I feel like this was a few separate dreams but it might not have been. One thing I do remember was being with cat and I think her brother and her dad maybe in a trailer or something I feel like we are near a race like a Swamp Buggy race. That was trying to be really nice to me, and I think the brother was too, but for some reason I feel like my dad was there as well. Not there but was there with my mom and the dream or something like that. Anyway her family was really nice to me and I was walking with them or something but I still feel there was an event like a race going on.

Aug. 28th, 2017

02WDF - im confuse

Weird World

Mom shared her big house. Had my own room. Other people had very odd and small chairs at their dining room. Had to swim underwater to get the house. Had to go above water to see anyone. Eric came to visit me, I swam up to the top, and I had to give some kind of injection which I felt was experimental right into my stomach

Aug. 24th, 2017

02WDF - im confuse

Captive and College

Two separate, first one at 2 a.m.: don't really remember this one but here's what I told Eric about it. Was that a Love's Travel Stop or something like that in the big bathroom I can't remember if other people were there, but a guy was there with a shaved head who was keeping us captive.  Maybe I was keeping people captive to, or had Stockholm syndrome or something.

Next one from this morning:  again can't remember all of it but the first thing that I do remember is being outside college or something or after a wedding and some kind of parking lot and my car got stolen. It got stolen right in front of my face. And I had this suspicious feeling that my car was only stolen because I was a girl and the guy felt like he could just take my car if he wanted to. One thing that made me feel this way is because another guy got his car stolen a Ferrari or something and the kid just brought it back a few minutes later. My car was gone and it didn't seem like anyone thought it was a problem or was willing to help either. So then there's a computer lab  and I was in college. It felt very weird being there and yet very normal and comfortable. I was trying to take a quiz or test on the computer and I just didn't understand it at all. It's like for some reason everything was very foreign to me not that I didn't study. Stephanie was there she got up from a computer and walked away. I looked at her computer in the questions that she had were extremely basic questions almost herself that I could have answered just by knowing her. I switched over to her computer and refresh the page, hoping to get some thing similar or the same thing. I don't remember if I did or not common since the next thing that happened was finding out that Nick guide by cutting his hand off in a wood shop class.  , I remember in the dream being told specifically that he died but didn't think that he actually had to get or didn't understand how. After this I went into another bathroom and I believe I saw the the guy who stole my car there. Unfortunately after this I don't really remember anything.

Aug. 17th, 2017

02WDF - im confuse

David on the train

I wish I could remember more of this because it is so fascinating and weird and deep and kind of dark.  Of the parts and I remember I either killed a girl about my age similar to me or was there when she was cold and didn't tell her family or had a part in her death accidentally. We were on a bus or a train it like a train that seem more like a bus.  at first it was like no one could see her except for me because of her being dead. Rob Dyke was there, i got to talk with them and kind of flirt with him for a minute because I thought you was receptive to at first but then said he needed help getting something and needed a short person to help him. David Williams was also there and for some reason was a little put off by me. Something eventually came up to where I am will said to tell the family about the girl that was dead. Really wish I could remember more about this weird scenario.

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02WDF - im confuse

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