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Jul. 24th, 2017

02WDF - im confuse

Ariel dream

Having this dream feel so out of the blue. I had agreed to meet up with Ariel. I'm not sure which city I was in I think I was maybe in Miami. I really can't know. Okay well you have a way beauty I kind of feel a Deja Vu where I was running away from someone in a carriage and a city was that another dream I had about him? AnywayI had agreed to meet him and I didn't want to do itanymore. I'm not sure why but I was terrified of meeting with him? I knew it was a matter of minutes until he was coming to the hotel I agreed to meet him at. So I went somewhere else. I had one in my own hotel. And so I went to the hotel there. I knew somehow deep in my heart that he would know where to find me. My hotel room was at the end of a long long hallway. It reminded me of an old ship for a horror movie hotel room but it mostly reminded me of the long thing you walk through when you get off and airplane. It was very similar to Twin Peaks or at least reminiscent of it. Anyway I knew you would be coming so I ran into the room across the hall where Kennedy Dylan and someone else were. Shortly after the time we were scheduled to meet at the first room, my phone started ringing and I could not answer the call because it was him. I had a hunch that he was going to try and find me so when I ran into Kennedy's hotel room I told her that he was after me and that he wouldn't stop until he found me. She was pretty confused at first and I couldn't help much because I wasn't sure what he was going to do. But she knew I was serious and kept me hidden. I kind of feel like I had tried to do the same thing with Taylor before but she didn't take it seriously so I had to head out again to another hiding place. Then I heard him it was terrifying I heard him Russian to the room that I had rented for myself angry that I wasn't meeting with him hurt that I didn't go where I said I'd be and instead found another place for myself. All I could do is hide I couldn't talk to him on the phone and he started calling because I was just so afraid of his anger and response. When he saw my room was empty he let out a an angry screaming cry like a whale a whale of intense pain. Was he more Angry than hurt I didn't know. After that he came into the hotel room the I was hiding in and I'm not sure if you recognize scan it done but he asked him if they had seen me and they said after thinking for just a second no. ,, he wrote out another muffled version of the same painful angry upset cry that he did before.

Jul. 22nd, 2017

02WDF - im confuse

Ana movie

There was a movie about anorexia and basically the proana comm was going. Eric didnt want me to go but i knew i was going to so i went. he went off with friends and was being pretty mean, belittling me and stuff. Basically all the anas were kind of quarreling during the movie but i kind of befriended this girl. next thing i knew i was in a huge bed with her and fingering her. i thought at first i didnt know how to finger a girl and then was like, wait, i actually do. i was extremely turned on.

Jul. 21st, 2017

02WDF - im confuse

Fingernails and security

The only part of the dream on this morning I remember is being with Eric in his hand he had very very beautiful. He have been trying to grow them out. Whoever was with us thought it was weird but I told them that I liked it even though and I had I thought Eric can't finger me. The only other part I remember is walking in a parking lot to the back of parking lot where there was like a security gate in a smaller nicer parking lot. There was another security gate at the back of a smaller parking lot that led to a community or something. I figured this is kind of like my search to find the wedding venue

02WDF - im confuse

A few unrecorded

Can you frame a little while ago that I was in this Punk Group which was like a County Fair music festival and I was extremely popular Sean was there. Also had a dream when I was traveling in Spain not sure why but also another dream when I was assaulted or something like that

Jun. 23rd, 2017

02WDF - im confuse


I can't tell what parts of this are real memories that purchase the feelings of the memories I've had. There's one part I can say definitely seem real which has that I was with someone, not in a relationship officially but emotionally, who died. It was the very beginning of one of those crush style relationships. The guy had just confessed that he really wanted to be with me and I am almost positive it was Mac.  I can't really remember why or what all happened but in this dream as far as I can remember,  Mac drowned.

Jun. 19th, 2017

02WDF - im confuse

Tears for Her

Friday I had a really rough dream. I think I was at a party or something I was in another one of those really tall buildings with a lot of Windows kind of like the college's I've been seeing. But this one seemed more residential. Matt was there and I must not have been with Eric in the dream because I really wanted to be with him. I was almost desperate but I really wanted to be with him. I tried to make him know the option was there to be with me. But in this dream he had a girlfriend who was really cute and her red hair. Kind of like paper for the stranger with candy because of the Ethereal feeling she had about her beauty. Anyway I guess in the Stream he wanted to be with her and for some reason he wasn't allowed to. This time it was his parents. He cried about this. In the dream it was really insulting and it really hurt me as well as in real life. Just said he cried over someone he couldn't have when I was right there meant that you really didn't care about me

Jun. 15th, 2017

02WDF - im confuse


We were in a big place and something happened where I was going to take care of Charles for a bit. I'm pretty sure I was by myself at the time. We were outside playing I think Nick was there too and there were a ton of little kittens. They were black and Siamese. I know I probably wouldn't be a good time to take them but I insisted that I did. The only thing I remember about where I lived was it was pretty small like an apartment and it had a bookshelf.

Jun. 13th, 2017

02WDF - im confuse

(no subject)

I was with Anna and someone else to friends at least and we are in Europe. I remember we were going somewhere on a train and a guy came up to us. At first he seemed like he may be wanted to hit on us but then he got really violent with me I think he stabbed me?  By the way there were few more guys I tried to call the police but I didn't know the number but I knew there was an emergency. I even tried to fight back. It seems like things were incredibly violent there and I couldn't trust anyone

May. 26th, 2017

02WDF - im confuse

(no subject)

All I remember is I reconnected with Jason through Instagram. And Christine too but the new Christine was different and mean and I just didn't like her.

May. 25th, 2017

02WDF - im confuse


Everyone was younger in this dreamMatt Davis picked me up and I was going out with Eric. Definitely got a wingman vibe from Matt Davis but it was hard to read because I felt like he was trying to impress me . The inside of his car was really dark it was dark out as well? We got to where I thought we were supposed to be but we were somewhere else first. It was almost like a club room or something like that at a community center. But it was really nice for other people there who were dressed like us so that's why I thought we were supposed to be.  Matthew and Danny were there in a few other people for some reason I feel like there was a baby there as well, and like I heard him by either trying to save him take something away from him. The next part of somehow feels kind of romantic to me. Eric brought me over to another place that he said he used to go when he was younger although we were definitely younger in the dream. We were both shorter and skinnier and I was dressed like a little goth girl I had my coffin backpack on. So this place we went to was kind of like a small tower building kind of similar to things I've dreamed about before pretty old-fashioned not really run down. Joy Division happen to be playing at this little Club. I was pretty excited but young gate was still pretty shy. I got assaulted by two guys.  the cops were questioning me and a ton of Xanax fell out of my backpack. After the show a mother and daughter came in who looked like they were performing a burlesque show. Everything was falling out of my backpack the whole night and it was always being rearranged for me to be able to find stuff

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02WDF - im confuse

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